Vrints-Kolsteren is an Antwerp based design studio founded by Vincent Vrints and Naomi Kolsteren. We work locally and internationally and offer creative direction, photography and graphic design. We engage in ongoing partnerships and in creating a network of creative talent by working in a collaborative way.

Vrints-Kolsteren, Zeilstraat 29, 2060 Antwerpen
+32 (0)495 15 43 63, info@vrints-kolsteren.com, Instagram

Selected Clients:
RSC Anderlecht
Arte Antwerp
M HKA Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp
MoMu Fashion Museum Antwerp
Antwerp Art Weekend
FOMU Fotomuseum Antwerp
Studio Brussel
Doel Festival
Technopolis the Flemish Science Centre
Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp
Hart Magazine
Knack Weekend Magazine
Everyday Gallery
Onkruid studio

Talks, Events and Workshops:
Forum (Montreal)
INTL International jury (Glasgow)
Integrated (Antwerp)
St Joost Masters (Breda)
Fachhochschule (Düsseldorf)
Let’s Talk Design (Gent)
Academy of Fine Arts, Nuremberg (Nuremberg)
Manchester School of Art (Manchester)
Elisava (Barcelona)
Offset Conference (Dublin)
PLX jury (Hasselt)
Royal Academy of Fine Arts jury (Antwerp)
Kunstakademie (Düsseldorf)
Us By Night (Antwerp)
The Mis Place (Shanghai)
Central Academy of Fine Arts (Beijing)

Extra City (Antwerp)
Dutch Design Week (Eindhoven)
7th triennial for design in Flanders, C-mine (Genk)
Beyonderground festival (Helsinki)
MAD Surprize, Bozar (Brussels)
Music Videos (New York)
Arte Store (Antwerp)
Red Bull Elektropedia Awards (Brussels)
CAFA (Beijing)

Naomi Kolsteren (Founder)
Vincent Vrints (Founder)

Jordy Philips
Nicolò Oriani
Kevin Brenkman
Yanis Berrewaerts
Lenny Geeraers